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Con Dao Island Activities

Con Dao Museum

con-dao-island-activities-museum (1)The recently opened ‘Bao Tang Museum of Con Dao’ hold a wealth of knowledge and history surrounding Con Dao. It is a place to preserve, exhibit, maintain and introduce historical objects in historical periods. With nearly 2000 historical objects, documentation and photos at Con Dao museum, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of Con Dao’s nature and people from prehistoric times to today. And also learn about the historical struggle in 113 years of ‘Hell on Earth’ within Con Dao’s infamous prison systems. There are also many prisons that are open to public visit in Con Dao. These dark places offer insight into the harsh conditions this beautiful island was once used to.

Con Dao Beaches

con-dao-island-activities-beachCon Dao has some great beaches too! Dam Trau beach (near the airport) is in a secluded bay, with white sand and beautiful calm seas. You have a choice of local beach bars where you can sit back and relax in a deck chair with a cooling drink and some local snacks. Watch the airplanes come in to land over your head! Makes for a both relaxing and fun day out!

The National Park

Con Dao Island Vietnam Activities and What to Do | monkeysIn 1984 Con Dao was recognized as a nature reserve and became a National Park in 1993, so in addition to the diving, there is also some spectacular trekking to do. Monkeys, black squirrels and fruit bats are amongst the wild life. The total protected area of the park is 20,000 hectares, including 14,000 hectares of sea and 6,000 hectares of forest. Con Dao National Park encompasses oceanic and coastal ecosystems such as mangrove forests, coral reefs and sea grasslands. Varieties of orchids can also be found here, that you will not find anywhere else in the country. So much of the islands are covered in evergreen forests, it would be a shame not to get in amongst it and see the beauty of The National Park yourself! Black squirrels, geckos, lizards, birds and bats are amongst the jungle critters you can spot. It is also very common to see the long tailed Macaque Monkey. Take a full or half day trek – easy, steady – or hard going treks for the energetic!


The Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) is classified as endangered. Several human practices kill these reptiles and their eggs for food. Many turtles die of pollution and fishing nets. Keep our oceans clean and turtles off your plates.The park is the most important egg-laying area in Vietnam for sea turtles as well as being home to the rarely seen and endangered Dugong (sea cow). From July to August it is possible to see Green and Hawksbill turtles nesting. An evenings boat trip to one of the near by islands, allows you to visit the beaches to watch the turtles nest and lay their eggs. The turtles come on to the beach at high tide and at night, so depending on the time of year you are visiting, it may involve a late night and lots of patience while waiting for the turtles to make their way to the beaches, but worth every moment.


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